Grade 8 & 10.9 Hex Cap Screws

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Grade 8 & 10.9 Hex Cap Screws are made from a medium carbon alloy steel and then heat treaded. They are an externally threaded fastener with a trimmed hex head and a washer face on the bearing surface.

Grade 8 & 10.9 Hex Cap Screws are designed for easy assembly into a tapped hole. Hex Cap Screws meet SAE specifications with a specially designed washer face under the head and a chamfered point. Grade 8 has a greater tensile strength than Grade 5. Designed for use in high-strength and high-stress applications. Yellow Zinc fasteners have been plated with a clear zinc coating and are then coated again with a yellow dichromate. Yellow Zinc offers a modest amount of corrosion resistance, slightly higher than clear Zinc. Minimum Tensile Strength: 150,000 psi for 1/4 - 1-1/2".