Toggle Bolts

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Toggle Bolts are a fastening system consisting of two matching steel “wings” each bent at two 90° angles, an internally threaded nut with protrusions spaced 180° apart which serves as a pivot attaching the two wings, a wire spring providing the necessary tension to open and close the wings, and a machine screw which mates with the nut.

Toggle Bolts have a spring-loaded toggle that holds against the back of the material. To install, insert the bolt through your fixture and thread the toggle onto it. Next, fold the toggle wings flush against the bolt and push them through a drilled hole until they pop open on the other side. Pull back on the bolt and tighten. Bolts are zinc-plated steel to resist corrosion in wet environments. Bolts are reusable, but the toggle will fall behind the wall when the bolt is removed. Extra toggles are sold separately.